Matamata-Piako Transport Providers

Name of provider: Matamata Community Health Shuttle
Contact person:  Jan Dench
Physical Address: 41 Hetana Street, Matamata 3400
Phone: 07 888 6040 (for transport bookings) (Pohlen Hospital)
Description of services: Patients generally phone to make their transport arrangements at least 24 hrs before the appointment date. On the evening prior to travel, the Driver will phone them, advising of their pick-up time. There is a Driver and a Support Person in each vehicle and they pick up the patients at their homes and deliver them right to the reception counter of the appropriate Ward, or, Clinic. Following the Patients appointment, the Driver, or, the Support Person will collect them from the Ward, or, Clinic, take them back to the mini-bus and deliver them back to their home. Transport is provided in 2 x 12 seat & 1 x 8 seat mini-buses, each equipped with a defibrillator, a wheelchair, a comprehensive first aid kit, blankets, vomit bags, water bottles and a fire extinguisher. On some occasions, private vehicles are also used.
Area covered: Passengers are from the Matamata District. Urban passengers are picked up at their homes, but, due to time factors, most rural passengers make their own way in to town and travel with us from there. Most passengers travel to Waikato Hospital and Hamilton Clinics, but, we also transport patients to Thames, Tauranga, Rotorua and Tokoroa Hospitals and clinics.
Additional Services:  Optional: Hireage of equipment and resources
Name of provider: Te Aroha Community Support Society Inc 
Contact person:  N. Holmes
Physical Address:  
Phone: 07 884 9479 and 027 884 8884
Description of services: Te Aroha Health Shuttle - Transporting clients to Hamilton, Thames, Auckland, and locally for health service appointments
Door to door return transport to health service appointments; for example specialists, clinics, day surgery and including ongoing regular repeat treatments. Hoist vehicle available.
Additional Services: Support people can often be taken, depending on the number of clients needing transport. Please talk to the co-ordinator when making your booking.
Name of provider: Friends of Morrinsville Community Charitable Trust
Contact person:  Ian Angus
Physical Address: 32 Stirling Drive, Morrinsville
Phone: 07 889 3763
Description of services: Health shuttle – Available Monday to Friday. 8 seater van with first aid, defibrillator, wheelchair etc. Driver and support person provided. Providing transport to Waikato Hospital clinics, specialist clinics and return. Bookings made at Morrinsville Community House - 07 889 5355
Donny Van – Available Monday to Friday. Offers transport for the elderly and infirm for shopping, doctors' appointments etc. 8 seater van equipped with a wheelchair hoist. Bookings made at Morrinsville Community House - 07 889 5355
Area covered: Health shuttle – provides transport from Morrinsville to Waikato Hospital and Hamilton specialist clinics appointments and return. 
Donny Van – within Morrinsville town boundary.
Additional Services: Support people can be taken in Health Shuttle depending on available seating. Please confirm when booking.
Name of provider: Renal Transport Service
Contact person:  Nicky Hagen or Michelle Higgins (Waikato DHB)
Physical Address: Bookings made via Waikato DHB Renal Services
Phone: 07 839 8741 (Regional Renal Services reception)
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